Get Involved in the Canyon HS Chapter

Do you strive to become a stronger person? Do you want to make a difference in the Woodridge community? Are you looking for an easier way to do both? Because I said I would Woodridge HS may be your answer.

We provide a simple, but meaningful way to make an impact. Making a difference doesn't need to be an endless internet search for volunteer opportunities. Growing as an individual shouldn't come as some costly or cheesy motivational seminar.

By joining because I said I would Woodridge HS, you will be provided:

      • Monthly meetups with like-minded students that are also on a path to becoming a better person
      • Group Volunteer Projects where you will engage the community, offering an opportunity to make and keep promises that better the world you live in
      • Leadership Training that allows you to develop your abilities and increase your skills in specialized roles as part of the chapter leadership team